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lift pronunciación
verb (lifted , lifting )
1 tr & intr to raise or rise to a higher position.
2 to move (especially one's eyes or face) upwards.
3 to take and carry away; to remove.
4 to raise to a better or more agreeable level lift one's spirits .
5 intr
a said of cloud, fog, etc: to clear;
b said of winds: to become less strong.
6 to remove or annul They will lift the trading restrictions .
7 to dig up (crops growing in the ground, eg potatoes).
8 to carry out cosmetic surgery on a person's face, breasts, etc.
9 colloq to plagiarize from someone else's work or from published material.
10 slang to arrest.
11 colloq to steal.
1 an act of lifting.
2 lifting power.
3 the upward force of the air on an aircraft, etc.
4 Brit a device for moving people and goods between floors of a building, consisting of a compartment which moves up and down in a vertical shaft. N Am equivalent elevator.
5 Brit a ride in a person's car or other vehicle, often given without payment as a favour.
6 a boost to the spirits or sudden feeling of happiness.
7 a step in advancement, promotion, etc.
8 a mechanism for raising or lowering a vessel to another level of a canal.
9 a layer in the heel of a shoe to give extra height.
[13c: from Norse lypta ]
lift a finger or hand with negatives to make the smallest effort (to help, etc).
lift off said of a spacecraft: to rise, especially vertically, from the ground.

noun the vertical launching of a spacecraft or rocket.

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