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life pronunciación
noun (lives )
a the quality or state which distinguishes living animals and plants from dead ones;
b collectively, the characteristics which distinguish living animals, plants, etc from inanimate objects, especially the ability to grow, develop and reproduce.
2 a the period between one's birth and death (compare lifetime);
b the period between one's birth and the present time has led a very sheltered life ;
c the period between the present time and one's death the rest of your life .
3 (also in compounds ) the length of time a thing exists or is able to function a long shelf life long-life milk .
4 living things in general or as a group marine life .
5 a living thing, especially a human many lives lost in war .
6 a way or manner of living leads a very busy life .
7 in compounds a specified aspect of one's life love life .
8 liveliness; energy; high spirits full of life .
9 a source of liveliness, energy or high spirits the life and soul of the party .
10 a written account of someone's life.
11 colloq a life sentence got life for murdering a taxi-driver .
12 any of a number of chances a player has of remaining in a game got to level six without losing a life .
adjective for the duration of one's life a life member of the Labour Party .
[Anglo-Saxon lif ]
as large as life see under large.
bring something to life to make (eg a story) lively or interesting.
come to life to become lively or interesting.
for life until death friends for life .
for the life of me despite trying very hard.
get a life! colloq stop being so petty, boring, conventional, sad, etc.
the high life see separate entry.
the life of Riley colloq an easy, carefree (often irresponsible) life.
not on your life! colloq certainly not!
take one's life in one's hands to take a very important decision which will have serious consequences for oneself; to put one's life at risk.
to the life exactly like the original.

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