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lie pronunciación 1
1 a false statement made with the intention of deceiving.
2 anything misleading; a fraud live a lie .
verb (lied , lying ) intr
1 to say things that are not true with the intention of deceiving.
2 to give a wrong or false impression The camera never lies .
[Anglo-Saxon lyge ]
give the lie to someone or something
1 originally to accuse them of lying.
2 now to show (a statement, etc) to be false.
lie through one's teeth to tell blatant lies. See liar, white lie.

lie pronunciación 2
verb (past tense lay , past participle lain , present participle lying ) intr
1 to be in or take on a flat or more or less horizontal position on a supporting surface.
2 to be situated The village lies to the west of here .
3 to stretch or be spread out to view The harbour lay before us .
4 said of subjects for discussion: to remain undiscussed let matters lie .
5 a to be or remain in a particular state lie dormant ;
b to be buried Jim's remains lie in a cemetery in Paris .
6 (usu lie in something) to consist of it or have it as an essential part Success lies in hard work .
7 (lie with someone) said of a duty or responsibility: to rest with them.
8 (lie with someone) old use to have sexual intercourse with them.
a the way or direction in which something is lying;
b golf the relative position of a ball that has been struck Despite finding the rough, he had a good lie .
2 an animal's or bird's hiding place.
[Anglo-Saxon licgan ]
lie in wait or lie in wait for someone to hide before ambushing them.
lie low to stay quiet or hidden.
take something lying down often with negatives to accept a rebuke or disappointment, etc meekly and without protest.
lie back
1 to lean back on a support.
2 to rest, especially after a period of hard work.
lie down to take a flat or horizontal position, especially to sleep or have a short rest.
lie in
1 to stay in bed later than usual in the morning.
2 old use to be in bed giving birth to a child.
lie to naut said of a ship: to be almost at a complete standstill.
lie up said of a ship: to go into or be in dock.

lie See Usage Note at lay1.

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