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level pronunciación
1 a horizontal plane or line.
2 a specified height, value or extent village lay just above sea level put prices up to a ridiculous level .
3 position, status, or importance in a scale of values offer help on a practical level .
4 a stage or degree of progress took exams at an advanced level .
5 any device for checking whether a surface is horizontal or not spirit level .
6 (the level) a flat area of land.
7 a storey of a building.
adjective (leveller , levellest )
1 having a flat smooth even surface.
2 horizontal.
3 (level with something) the same height as it.
4 having the same standard (as something else); equal came out level in the test .
5 steady; constant; regular keep one's body temperature level .
6 cookery said of measurements (usually of spoons in Britain and cups in N America): filled so as to be even with the rim 3 level tablespoons .
verb (levelled , levelling )
1 to make flat, smooth or horizontal.
2 to make equal.
3 to pull down or demolish A mortar bomb completely levelled the church .
4 (often level something at someone) to point (a gun, etc) at them.
5 (usu level something at or against someone) to direct (an accusation, criticism, etc) at them.
6 intr , colloq to speak honestly with someone Let me level with you ? I'm leaving the company .
[14c: from Latin libella little scale]
levelly adverb .
levelness noun .
do one's level best colloq to make the greatest possible effort.
find one's level to find one's proper place, rank, etc among others, or a comfortable rate of work, etc.
on the level slang fair; honest; genuine.
level off or level something off to make or become flat, even, steady, regular, etc.
level out or level something out to make or become level The fluctuations in interest rates eventually levelled out .

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