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length pronunciación
1 the distance from one end of an object to the other, normally the longest dimension.
2 (often in compounds ) the distance something extends a knee-length skirt .
3 the quality of being long.
4 a long piece of something or a stated amount of something long a length of rope .
5 the extent from end to end of a horse, boat, etc, as a way of measuring one participant's lead over another in a race won by two lengths .
6 (often in length) a stretch or extent The film was 90 minutes in length .
7 swimming
a the longer measurement of a swimming pool;
b this distance swum did twenty lengths a day .
8 in racket sports: the placing of a shot so as to land well into the opponent's court used topspin to get the length .
9 a an extent of time;
b phonetics , music the amount of time a vowel, syllable, note, etc sounds.
10 cricket the distance from the batsman at which the ball pitches.
[Anglo-Saxon lengthu ]
at length
1 in full.
2 at last.
3 monotonously and tediously went on at length about the golf .
go to great lengths or go to any length or lengths or go to all lengths to try all the possible ways of achieving something, even if it means going beyond expected or accepted boundaries.
the length and breadth of something the entire extent of it.

lengthen pronunciación
verb (lengthened , lengthening ) tr & intr to make or become longer.

noun someone who is responsible for the upkeep of a particular stretch of road or railway.

lengthways or lengthwise
adverb , adjective in the direction of or according to something's length.

adjective (lengthier , lengthiest ) being of great, often excessive, length.
lengthily adverb .
lengthiness noun .

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