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left pronunciación 1
1 referring, relating to, or indicating the side facing west from the point of view of someone or something facing north.
2 relatively liberal, democratic, progressive, innovative, either in general disposition or in political outlook.
3 inclined towards socialism or communism.
adverb on or towards the left side.
1 the left side, part, direction, etc.
2 the region to the left side.
3 (the Left)
a people, political parties, etc in favour of socialism;
b the members of any political party that hold the most progressive, democratic, socialist, radical or actively innovating views. See also right ( noun 5), centre ( noun 8).
4 the left hand a boxer who leads with his left .
5 a blow with the left hand.
6 said of one of a pair: a glove, shoe, etc which fits the left hand or foot.
7 a turning to the left.
[Anglo-Saxon left weak; the political sense comes from the practice in some legislatures of this group sitting to the president's left]
leftward adjective , adverb .
leftwards adverb .
have two left feet to be very awkward or clumsy, especially when trying to dance.
left, right and centre in or from all directions; everywhere.

left pronunciación 2 past tense , past participle of leave1

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