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leap pronunciación
verb (leapt or leaped , leaping )
1 intr to jump or spring suddenly or with force.
2 to jump over.
3 intr to move in bounds.
4 intr said of prices: to go up by a large amount suddenly and quickly.
5 intr said of fish: to jump up out of the water.
6 intr to rush suddenly and unexpectedly.
7 to make something jump leapt the horse over the fence .
1 an act of leaping or jumping.
2 the distance leaped.
3 a place where leaping takes place a salmon leap .
[Anglo-Saxon hleapan ]
a leap in the dark an action, decision, etc whose results cannot be guessed in advance.
by leaps and bounds extremely rapidly.
leap or jump to conclusions to decide on something quickly and without being aware of all the issues involved.
leap at something colloq to accept it eagerly.

leap year
noun a year of 366 days, with an intercalary day on 29 February, which occurs once every four years.
[14c: possibly from the fact that any day falling after 29 February will not fall on the day of the week after the day it fell on in the previous year as is usual, but will leap over to the next day]

noun a game, usually played by children, in which each player in turn jumps over the back of the stooping player in front.
verb (leapfrogged , leapfrogging ) tr & intr
1 to jump over (someone's back) in this way.
2 said of two or more people, vehicles, etc: to keep passing each other so that the leader is continually changing .
3 to advance past someone or something United have leapfrogged City to take the top spot in the league .
[Late 19c]
leapfrogging noun , adjective .

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