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league pronunciación 1
1 a union of persons, nations, etc formed for the benefit of the members.
2 a group of sports clubs which compete over a period for a championship.
3 a class or group, considered in terms of ability, importance, etc.
verb (leagued , leaguing ) tr & intr to form or be formed into a league.
[15c: from Latin ligare to bind]
bottom or top of the league the lowest or highest in a particular field of achievement, or in quality.
in league with someone acting or planning with them, usually for some bad purpose.
in the big league colloq amongst the most important, powerful, etc people, organizations, etc.
not in the same league as not of the same calibre, ability, importance, etc as.
out of one's league up against, or mixing with, people of much greater ability, status, etc.

league pronunciación 2
noun , old use
1 a unit for measuring distance travelled, usually taken to be about 3 miles (4.8km).
2 naut a measure, 1/20 of a degree, 3 international nautical miles, 5.556km (3.456 statute miles).
[14c: from Latin leuga a Gaulish unit of distance]

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