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leaf pronunciación
noun (leaves )
1 an expanded outgrowth, usually green and flattened, from the stem of a plant, that contains the pigment chlorophyll and is the main site of photosynthesis in green plants.
2 anything like a leaf, such as a scale or a petal.
3 leaves regarded collectively.
4 a single sheet of paper forming two pages in a book.
5 a very thin sheet of metal gold leaf .
6 a hinged or sliding extra part or flap on a table, door, etc.
verb (leafed , leafing ) intr
1 said of plants: to produce leaves.
2 (leaf through something) to turn the pages of (a book, magazine, etc) quickly and cursorily.
[Anglo-Saxon leaf ]
leafless adjective .
in leaf said of a plant: having leaves.
take a leaf out of someone's book see under book.
turn over a new leaf to begin a new and better way of behaving or working.

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