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lead pronunciación 1
verb (led , leading )
1 tr & intr to guide by going in front.
2 to precede.
3 to guide or make someone or something go in a certain direction by holding or pulling with the hand, etc.
4 to guide.
5 to conduct.
6 to induce.
7 to cause to live or experience.
8 tr & intr to direct or be in control (of something).
9 to make someone act, feel or think in a certain way.
10 to live, pass or experience lead a miserable existence .
11 tr & intr to go or take someone in a certain direction The road leads to the village .
12 intr (lead to something) to result in it.
13 tr & intr to be foremost or first; to be the most important or influential in (a group) in a particular field They lead the world in engineering .
14 intr (usu lead with or on) said of a newspaper: to have (a particular story) as its most important article The tabloids all lead with the latest atrocity .
15 Brit to be the leader of (an orchestra).
16 to conduct liquid along a channel or course.
17 tr & intr , cards to begin a round of cards by playing (the first card, especially of a particular suit).
18 Scots law to adduce.
19 (often lead in) to cart crops to the farmyard.
20 intr (usu lead with) to tend to throw punches with a particular hand in boxing, etc He always leads with his right .
1 an instance of guidance given by leading.
2 the first, leading, or most prominent place; leadership.
3 the amount by which someone or something, etc is in front of others in a race, contest, etc had a lead of about a metre .
4 a strap or chain for leading or holding a dog, etc.
5 an initial clue or piece of information which might help solve a problem, mystery, etc.
6 the principal part in a play, film, etc; the actor playing this role.
7 the most important story in a newspaper.
8 a precedent or example.
9 precedence.
10 an indication.
11 direction.
12 initiative.
13 a wire or conductor taking electricity from a source to an appliance.
14 cards the act or right of playing first, the first card played or the play of someone who plays first.
15 the first player in some team sports and games.
16 a watercourse leading to a mill.
17 a channel through ice.
18 a main conductor in electrical distribution.
19 N Am a potential business prospect, or information relating to one.
adjective leading; foremost; main in lead position lead singer in a rock band .
[Anglo-Saxon lædan ]
lead someone a (merry) dance see under dance.
lead someone astray to entice them into a wrong or misguided course.
lead someone by the nose to force them to follow.
lead the way to go first, especially to guide others.
lead someone up the garden path see under garden.
lead off to begin.
lead someone on
1 to persuade them to go further than intended.
2 to deceive or mislead them.
lead up to something
1 to approach (a topic of conversation) reluctantly or by gradual steps or stages leading up to the question of money .
2 to be an underlying cause of it Persistent lateness led up to his dismissal .

lead pronunciación 2
1 (symbol Pb, atomic number 82) a soft, heavy, bluish-grey, highly toxic metallic element that is resistant to corrosion, used in the building and roofing trades, as a protective shielding against radiation and as a component of high-quality glass and numerous alloys.
2 graphite.
3 a thin stick of graphite, or some other coloured substance, used in pencils.
4 a lump of lead used for measuring the depth of the water, especially at sea.
5 (leads) a sheet of lead for covering roofs; a roof covered with lead sheets.
6 a lead frame for a small window pane, eg in stained glass windows.
7 a lead weight or piece of lead shot used at the end of a fishing line and in cartridges.
8 colloq bullets fired from a gun shot down in a hail of lead .
adjective made of lead.
verb (leaded , leading )
1 to fit or surround with lead.
2 to cover or weight with lead.
3 to set (eg window panes) in lead.
4 printing to separate (type) with lead or leads.
leading see separate entry.
go down like a lead balloon facetious to be spectacularly unsuccessful.

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