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lay pronunciación 1
verb (laid , laying )
1 to place something on a surface, especially in a lying or horizontal position laid the letter on the table .
2 to put or bring something to a stated position or condition laid her hand on his arm .
3 to design, arrange or prepare lay plans .
4 to put plates and cutlery, etc on (a table) ready for a meal.
5 to prepare (a fire) by putting coal, etc in the grate.
6 tr & intr said of a female bird: to produce (eggs).
7 to present laid his case before the court .
8 to set something down as a basis laid the ground rules .
9 to deal with or remove lay a fear .
10 colloq to place (a bet) I'll lay 20 quid you can't eat the whole plateful .
11 slang to have sexual intercourse with someone.
1 the way or position in which something is lying the lay of the surrounding countryside .
2 slang
a a partner in sexual intercourse;
b an act of sexual intercourse.
[Anglo-Saxon lecgan ]
get laid colloq to have sexual intercourse.
lay about one to strike blows in all directions.
lay something bare to reveal or explain (something secret).
lay down the law to dictate in a forceful and domineering way.
lay one's hands on someone or something colloq to succeed in getting hold of them or it.
lay it on thick colloq to exaggerate, especially in connection with flattery, praise, etc.
lay low to overthrow, fell or kill.
lay someone low said of an illness: to affect them severely.
lay something on someone
1 to assign or attribute it to them laid the blame on his friends .
2 colloq to give it to them.
lay oneself open to something to expose oneself to it, especially criticism or attack.
lay something open
1 to uncover or reveal it.
2 to cut it open.
lay someone to rest to bury them.
lay waste to destroy or devastate completely.
lay something aside
1 to put it to one side, especially for later use or treatment.
2 to discard or abandon it.
lay something by to put it away for future use.
lay something down
1 to put it on the ground or some other surface.
2 to give it as a deposit, pledge, etc.
3 to give up or sacrifice lay down one's life .
4 to formulate or devise lay down a plan .
5 to store (wine) in a cellar.
6 to begin to build (a ship or railway).
7 to put (music) onto tape, CD, etc laid down ten tracks in only three days .
lay something in to get and store a supply of it.
lay into someone colloq to attack or scold them severely.
lay into something to eat it quickly and with enthusiasm.
lay someone off to dismiss (an employee) when there is no work available. See also lay-off.
lay off something colloq to stop it.
lay off someone colloq to leave them alone.
lay something on to provide a supply of it.
lay someone out
1 colloq to knock them unconscious.
2 to prepare (a dead body) for burial.
lay something out
1 to plan and arrange (especially land or natural features).
2 to spread it out or display it.
3 colloq to spend it. See also layout.
lay someone up colloq to force them to stay in bed or at home.
lay something up
1 to keep or store it laid up some of her delicious jam .
2 to put (a ship) out of use, especially for repairs.

lay, lie || These two verbs are commonly confused ? even by native speakers ? because their meanings are close and their forms overlap, since lay is also the past of lie: ? When she reached her room Lucy lay on the bed to review the situation. ? I got so tired I used to lay down on the bunk. ? Many individual units had begun to lay down their arms. || Another cause of confusion is the closeness in form of laid and lain, and the fact that laid is the past and past participle of lay; but lain is only the past participle of lie: ? He paused, then laid a hand on her shoulder. ? She had also lain aside her clothes and was dressed in nothing but an orange robe. ? After waking he had lain and thought of the day ahead.

lay pronunciación 2 past tense of lie2

lay pronunciación 3
1 relating to or involving people who are not members of the clergy.
2 not having specialized or professional knowledge of a particular subject.
[14c: from Greek laos the people]

lay pronunciación 4
noun (lays ) a short narrative or lyric poem, especially one that is meant to be sung.

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