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laugh pronunciación
verb (laughed , laughing )
1 intr to make spontaneous sounds associated with happiness, amusement, scorn, etc.
2 to express (a feeling, etc) by laughing laughed his contempt .
3 intr (laugh at someone or something)
a to make fun of or ridicule them or it;
b to find it funny.
1 an act or sound of laughing.
2 colloq someone or something that is good fun, amusing, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon hlæhhan ]
be laughing colloq to be in a very favourable situation Once he gets that new job, he'll be laughing .
don't make me laugh ironic expressing contempt, scorn, etc for some idea, suggested possibility, etc.
have the last laugh colloq to win or succeed in the end, especially after setbacks; to be finally proved right.
laugh all the way to the bank colloq to congratulate oneself on having made a lot of money, especially by means others thought unpromising.
laugh oneself silly, etc to bring oneself into a specified state (often figuratively) through laughing.
laugh one's head off to laugh exuberantly, etc.
laugh on the other side of one's face to become annoyed or distressed after previously having been in good spirits.
laugh someone out of court to dismiss them, or their views or achievements, with ridicule.
laugh up one's sleeve to be secretly amused.
laugh something off to treat lightly or trivially (especially an injury, an insult, an embarrassment, etc) He laughed off his broken leg as just one of those things .

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