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last pronunciación 1
1 being, coming or occurring at the end of a series or after all others.
2 usually applied to dates, time, etc: most recent; happening immediately before the present (week, month, year, etc).
3 only remaining after all the rest have gone or been used up gave him her last sweet .
4 least likely, desirable, suitable, etc the last person to expect help from .
5 final administered the last rites .
1 most recently When did you see her last?
2 lastly; at the end (of a series of events, etc) and last she served the coffee .
noun the last person or thing I won't take it if it's your last .
[Anglo-Saxon latost latest]
at last or at long last in the end, especially after a long delay.
at the last minute or moment at the latest possible time. Compare last-minute.
last but not least finally but not less importantly.
last thing colloq after doing everything else, especially before leaving or going to bed.
on its last legs colloq near to being no longer usable; worn.
on one's last legs usually euphem near to death or total collapse.
the last
1 the person or thing that is at the end or behind the rest.
2 the end; last moment, part, etc That's the last of the milk .
3 the final appearance or mention We haven't heard the last of him .
to the last until the very end, especially until death.

last pronunciación 2
verb (lasted , lasting ) tr & intr
1 to take a specified amount of time to complete, happen, come to an end, etc.
2 to be adequate, or to be adequate for someone enough water to last us a week .
3 to be or keep fresh or in good condition The bread will only last one more day .
4 to endure or survive; continue She's written one or two things that will last .
[Anglo-Saxon læstan ]

last pronunciación 3
noun a foot-shaped piece of wood or metal used in the making and repairing of shoes.
[Anglo-Saxon læste ]

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