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lash pronunciación 1
noun (lashes )
a a stroke or blow, usually one made with a whip and delivered as a form of punishment;
b a crack of a whip in the air;
c a verbal attack.
2 the flexible part of a whip.
3 an eyelash.
4 (the lash) punishment by whipping.
verb (lashes , lashed , lashing )
1 to hit or beat with a lash.
2 tr & intr to move suddenly, restlessly, uncontrollably, etc.
3 to attack with harsh scolding words or criticism.
4 intr to make a sudden whip-like movement.
5 tr & intr said of waves or rain: to beat or strike with great force.
6 to urge on as if with a whip.
[14c in the form lashe , generally thought to be onomatopoeic]
lash out
a to hit out violently;
b to speak in a very hostile or aggressive manner.
2 colloq to spend money extravagantly.

lash pronunciación 2
verb , chiefly naut to fasten with a rope or cord.

1 a beating with a whip.
2 (lashings) a generous amount.
adjective said of rain: falling heavily and persistently.
[15c: from lash1]

noun a rope used for tying things fast.
[17c: from lash2]

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