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lap pronunciación 1
verb (lapped , lapping )
1 usually said of an animal: to drink milk, water, etc using the tongue.
2 tr & intr said of water, etc: to wash or flow against a shore or other surface with a light splashing sound.
1 the sound of waves gently splashing or lapping.
2 the act of lapping or the amount lapped up.
[Anglo-Saxon lapian ]
lap something up
1 to drink it, especially eagerly or greedily, using the tongue.
2 to listen eagerly to (praise, gossip, information, etc).
3 to be avidly enthusiastic about it She laps up anything written by Jim Thompson .

lap pronunciación 2
1 the front part, from the waist to the knees, of someone's body when they are sitting down.
2 the part of someone's clothing, especially of a skirt or dress, which covers this part of the body.
[Anglo-Saxon læppa ]
drop or dump something in someone's lap to make it their responsibility, especially suddenly or unexpectedly dumped the job of cleaning up the mess in his lap .
fall in, into or land in someone's lap to come within their grasp, power, sphere of influence, etc, or to become a possibility, especially suddenly or unexpectedly The chance of a trip to New York fell in her lap .
in the lap of luxury in very comfortable conditions.
in the lap of the gods said of a situation: beyond human control.

lap pronunciación 3
1 one circuit of a racecourse or other track.
2 one section of a journey.
3 a part which overlaps or the amount it overlaps by.
4 the amount of thread or material wound once round a reel, etc.
1 to get ahead of (another competitor in a race) by one or more laps.
2 to make something overlap something else.
3 intr to lie with an overlap.
4 (usu lap someone in something) to wrap them in (clothing etc), especially as a protection.
5 (usu lap something round someone) to fold (a piece of clothing, etc) round them.
[14c in the form lappen to enfold]

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