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Land pronunciación
noun (pl Länder )
1 any of the states which make up the Federal Republic of Germany.
2 any of the provinces of Austria.

land pronunciación
1 the solid part of the Earth's surface.
2 ground or soil, especially with regard to its use or quality farmland .
3 ground that is used for agriculture.
4 a country, state or region native land .
5 (lands) estates.
6 in compounds any area of ground that is characterized in a specified way gangland hinterland .
verb (landed , landing )
1 tr & intr to come or bring to rest on the ground or water, or in a particular place, after flight through the air The plane landed on time .
2 intr to end up in a specified place or position, especially after a fall, jump, throw, etc.
3 tr & intr to end up or cause someone to end up in a certain position or situation, usually one that is unwelcome or unfavourable landed themselves in trouble .
4 tr & intr to come or bring onto the land from a ship landed the cargo .
5 to bring (a fish, especially one caught on a line) out of the water.
6 colloq to be successful in getting (a job, contract, prize, etc).
7 colloq to give someone (a punch or slap).
by land over the ground, as opposed to flying or sailing.
in the land of the living colloq alive.
land lucky to find oneself in an unexpectedly fortunate position.
land on one's feet to end up in a favourable situation, especially after some setback, misdemeanour, indiscretion, etc.
live off the land to obtain food by hunting, gathering, etc what one can.
see how the land lies to make investigations into something, especially before taking some decision.
land up colloq to come to be in a certain position or situation, usually one that is worse than the previous one landed up homeless after losing his job .
land someone with something colloq to give or pass something unpleasant or unwanted to them landed us with all the bills to pay .

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