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know pronunciación
verb (past tense knew , past participle known , present participle knowing )
1 tr & intr (usu know something or know of or about something) to be aware of it; to be certain about it.
2 to have learnt and remembered something.
3 to have an understanding or grasp of something.
4 to be familiar with someone or something know her well .
5 (usu know someone as or for something) to think of or have experience of them as (a specified thing) knew him as a kindly man .
6 to be able to recognize or identify someone or something.
7 to be able to distinguish someone or something, or to tell them apart wouldn't know him from Adam .
8 intr to have enough experience or training knew not to question him further .
9 to experience or be subject to something has never known poverty .
10 old use, eg Bible to have sexual intercourse with someone.
[Anglo-Saxon cnawan ]
knowable adjective capable of being known, discovered, or understood.
be known as something to be called it; to have it as one's name.
Heaven or God knows colloq I have no idea.
in the know colloq
1 having information not known to most people.
2 initiated.
I wouldn't know I am not in a position to know.
know all the answers to be fully informed on everything, or to think one is.
know a thing or two colloq to be pretty shrewd.
know better than to do something to be wiser, or better instructed, than to do it.
know what's what to be shrewd, wise or hard to deceive.
let it be known to reveal, especially indirectly.
make oneself known to introduce oneself.
there's no knowing it's impossible to predict.
what do you know? colloq an expression of surprise.
who knows? an expression of puzzlement.
you never know colloq it's not impossible; perhaps.

know-all or (N Am) know-it-all
noun (know-alls ) derog someone who seems, or claims, to know more than others.

1 colloq ability; adroitness; skill.
2 specialized skill.

1 shrewd; canny; clever.
2 said of a glance, etc: signifying secret awareness.
3 deliberate.
knowingly adverb
1 in a knowing manner.
2 on purpose; deliberately; consciously.
knowingness noun .

knowledge pronunciación
1 the fact of knowing; awareness; understanding.
2 what one knows; the information one has acquired through learning or experience.
3 learning; the sciences a branch of knowledge .
4 a specific information about a subject;
b (the knowledge) the detailed information about streets, routes, etc that London taxi drivers are tested on before they are licensed.
[14c in the form knouleche ]
come to one's knowledge to become known to one.
to one's or to the best of one's knowledge as far as one knows.

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