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knock pronunciación
verb (knocked , knocking )
1 intr to tap or rap with the knuckles or some object, especially on a door for admittance.
2 to strike and so push someone or something, especially accidentally.
3 to put someone or something into a specified condition by hitting them or it knocked him senseless .
4 to make by striking knocked a hole in the boat .
5 tr & intr (usu knock against or on or into something or someone) to strike, bump or bang against it or them.
6 colloq to find fault with or criticize someone or something.
7 intr said of an internal-combustion engine: to make a metallic knocking sound caused by the explosion of an unburned mixture of fuel vapour and air before it is ignited by the spark. Also called pink.
8 intr said of machinery: to rattle or clank with a regular rhythm (sometimes a symptom of wear).
9 coarse slang to have sexual intercourse with someone.
1 an act of knocking.
2 a tap or rap.
3 a push or shove.
4 colloq a personal misfortune, blow, setback, calamity, etc.
5 in an internal combustion engine: a metallic knocking sound caused by the explosion of an unburned mixture of fuel vapour and air before it is ignited by the spark.
6 the sound of knocking in machinery.
7 colloq a criticism.
[Anglo-Saxon cnucian ]
knock someone into the middle of next week colloq
1 to hit them extremely hard.
2 to surprise them.
knock something on the head colloq to put an end to it in a firm or definite manner.
knock about or around colloq
1 to wander about (a place) in a casual and aimless way; to lie about unused; to be idle knocking about the streets .
2 to travel about, roughing it and having varied experiences knocked about Europe for the summer .
knock someone about or around colloq to treat them roughly; to hit or batter them.
knock about with someone colloq to associate or go about with them.
knock someone back
1 colloq to cost them (a specified amount) knocked me back 500 quid .
2 to surprise, dismay, or disappoint them.
3 to rebuff or reject them; to turn them down.
knock something back colloq to eat or drink it quickly and with relish.
knock something down colloq to reduce its price knocked these down to a fiver each .
knock something down to someone colloq to sell (goods) to them at auction.
knock into someone to meet them by chance or unexpectedly.
knock something into someone colloq to teach it to them forcefully needs to have some sense knocked into him .
knock off colloq to finish work We knock off at 5pm .
knock someone off
1 slang to kill them.
2 coarse slang to have sexual intercourse with them.
knock something off
1 colloq to produce it or them at speed or in quick succession, apparently quite easily knocks off several books a year .
2 colloq to deduct (a certain amount) knocked off £15 for a quick sale .
3 slang to rob or steal it He knocked off 10 grand They knocked off a bank .
4 slang to copy and distribute illegally caught knocking off videos and computer games .
5 colloq often in commands: to stop it Knock it off!
knock on rugby to break the rules by pushing the ball forward with the hand. See also knock-on.
knock someone out
1 to make them unconscious, especially by hitting them.
2 boxing to make them unconscious or render them incapable of rising in the required time.
3 to defeat them in a knockout competition.
4 colloq to amaze them; to impress them greatly. See also knockout.
knock something out
1 colloq to make it stop functioning; to damage or destroy it.
2 colloq to produce something, especially if done quickly or roughly.
knock someone sideways colloq to come as a severe shock to them; to devastate or disconcert them.
knock something together colloq to make it hurriedly.
knock up tennis to exchange practice shots with one's opponent before a match.
knock someone up
1 to wake them by knocking.
2 colloq to exhaust them.
3 coarse slang to make them pregnant.
knock something up
1 colloq to make it hurriedly.
2 cricket to score (a number of runs).

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