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kick pronunciación
verb (kicked , kicking )
1 to hit with the foot The pony kicked the groom .
2 to propel something with the foot kicks the ball .
3 intr to strike out or thrust with one or both feet, eg when swimming, fighting, struggling, etc.
4 tr & intr especially in dancing: to jerk (the leg) vigorously or swing it high.
5 intr said of a gun, etc: to recoil when fired.
6 intr (sometimes kick against something) to resist it; to show opposition kick against discipline .
7 to get rid of (a habit, etc).
8 rugby to score (a drop goal) or make (a conversion) by kicking the ball between the posts.
9 intr , athletics to put on an extra spurt She kicked 200 metres from the finish .
1 a blow or fling with the foot.
2 dancing , gymnastics , etc : a swing of the leg high kicks .
3 swimming any of various leg movements.
4 the recoil of a gun, etc after firing.
5 colloq a thrill of excitement He gets a kick out of watching his son race .
6 power; pungency.
7 colloq the powerful effect of certain drugs or strong drink, which is sometimes felt quite suddenly or unexpectedly That fruit punch has quite a kick .
8 athletics an extra spurt of speed; a sudden acceleration.
9 colloq a brief enthusiasm We're on a culture kick .
[14c in the form kiken ]
kicker noun
1 someone or something that kicks.
2 sport , esp Am Football a player whose function is to take kicks, especially set-piece shots.
alive and kicking see under alive.
for kicks for thrills.
kick ass see under ass2.
kick in the teeth colloq a humiliating snub.
kick someone in the teeth colloq to inflict a snub on them.
kick oneself to reproach oneself.
kick over the traces to throw off control.
kick the bucket colloq to die.
kick up a fuss, row or stink colloq to complain or disapprove strongly and vociferously.
kick someone upstairs colloq to promote them to a position of higher rank but less influence.
kick about or around colloq
1 to lie around unused and neglected The old set's kicking around in the attic .
2 to be idle; to go about aimlessly kicking about with his mates .
kick someone about or around colloq to treat them badly or roughly.
kick something about or around colloq to discuss (an idea, etc) informally among several people.
kick in to take effect As the effects of the pay freeze kick in, commitment decreases .
kick off
1 to start, or restart, a football game by kicking the ball away from the centre.
2 colloq to begin a discussion or other activity involving several people.
kick something off colloq to begin (a discussion, etc).
kick someone or something out colloq to dismiss or get rid of them or it, especially using force.

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