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key pronunciación 1
noun (keys )
1 a device for opening or closing a lock, or for winding up, turning, tuning, tightening or loosening.
2 one of a series of buttons or levers pressed to sound the notes on a musical instrument, or to print or display a character on a computer, typewriter, calculator, etc.
3 a system of musical notes related to one another in a scale.
4 pitch, tone or style spoke in a low key .
5 something that provides an answer or solution.
6 a means of achievement the key to success .
7 a set of answers, eg at the back of a book of puzzles, exercises, etc.
8 a table explaining signs and symbols used on a map, etc.
9 elec a lever-like switch that makes or breaks a circuit for as long as the handle is depressed.
10 the dry winged fruit of certain trees, eg ash, sycamore and maple, often hanging with others in a cluster like a bunch of keys.
11 the relative roughness of a surface, especially with regard to its ability to take paint, etc more readily.
12 a fret pattern.
13 a pin or wedge for fixing something.
14 biol a taxonomic system for distinguishing similar species.
adjective centrally important key questions Secrecy is key to the operation .
verb (keyed , keying )
1 (also key something in) to enter (data) into a computer, calculator, etc by means of a keyboard; to keyboard.
2 to lock or fasten something with a key.
3 to provide with a key or keys.
4 tr & intr to roughen (a surface), eg for decorating, plastering, etc.
5 tr & intr to give an advertisement a feature so that replies to it may be identified, eg a reference code added to the address.
6 printing to mark the position on the layout of something to be printed, using symbols.
[Anglo-Saxon cæg ]
keyed adjective
1 equipped with a key or keys.
2 music set to a particular key.
3 in a state of tension or readiness.
keyless adjective .
keyed up colloq excited; tense; anxious.

También tienes: quell
key pronunciación 2 or cay
noun (keys or cays ) a small low island or reef formed of sand, coral, rock or mud, especially one off the coast of Florida.
[17c: from Spanish cayo ]

También tienes: quell
key grip
noun , cinema & TV the chief grip ( noun 9) in a film crew.

key money
noun a payment in addition to rent, demanded in return for the grant, renewal or continuance of a tenancy.

key ring
noun a ring for keeping keys on, usually with a fob2 attached.

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