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adjective (juster , justest )
1 fair; impartial.
2 reasonable; based on justice.
3 deserved.
[14c: from Latin justus just, upright or equitable]
justly adverb .
justness noun .

1 exactly; precisely.
2 a short time before He had just gone .
3 at this or that very moment was just leaving .
4 and no earlier, more, etc only just enough .
5 barely; narrowly The bullet just missed his ear .
6 only; merely; simply just a brief note .
7 colloq used for emphasis That's just not true .
8 colloq absolutely just marvellous .
[14c: from Latin justus right or proper]
just about almost I'm just about ready .
just about to do something on the point of doing it.
just a minute or second, etc an instruction to wait a short while.
just as well
1 fortunate; lucky It's just as well you came .
2 advisable It would be just as well to wait .
just in case as a precaution.
just like that as easily as that; without appreciable effort, inconvenience, preparation, etc.
just now at this particular moment.
just so
1 an expression of agreement.
2 neat and tidy They like everything just so .
just then
1 at that particular moment.
2 in the next moment.
just the same nevertheless.
not just yet not immediately, but soon.

noun , business (abbreviation JIT) a method of stock control in which little or no warehoused stock is kept at the production site, supplies being delivered just in time for use, thus cutting storage costs.

justice pronunciación
1 the quality of being just; just treatment; fairness.
2 the quality of being reasonable.
3 the law, or administration of or conformity to the law a miscarriage of justice .
4 (Justice) the title of a judge.
5 a justice of the peace.
6 N Am, esp US a judge.
[Anglo-Saxon in the form justise : from Latin justitia , from justus just]
bring someone to justice to arrest and try them.
do justice to oneself or do oneself justice to perform as well as one is able; to fulfil one's potential.
do justice to someone or something
1 to treat them fairly or properly.
2 to show their full merit, etc.
3 colloq to appreciate (a meal, etc) fully.
in justice to someone or something to be fair to them.

justice of the peace
noun (justices of the peace ) (abbreviation JP) a person authorized to judge minor criminal cases, perform marriages, administer oaths, etc.

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