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joint pronunciación
1 the place where two or more pieces join.
2 anat in vertebrates: the point of contact or articulation between two or more bones, together with the ligaments that surround it.
3 a piece of meat, usually containing a bone, for cooking or roasting.
4 colloq an establishment, often of a specified kind, often not highly regarded a pizza joint case the joint .
5 colloq a cannabis cigarette.
6 geol a crack in a mass of rock.
verb (jointed , jointing )
1 to connect to something by joints.
2 to divide (a bird or animal) into, or at, the joints for cooking.
1 owned or done, etc in common; shared joint responsibility .
2 working together.
[13c: French, from joindre to join]
jointed adjective
1 having joints.
2 composed of segments.
jointly adverb .
jointness noun .
out of joint
1 said of a bone: dislocated.
2 in disorder.

joint account
noun a bank account held in the names of two or more people.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
plural noun the chief military advisory body to the US President.

joint venture
noun , business a business activity undertaken by two or more companies acting together, sharing the costs, risks and profits.

joint-stock company
noun a business whose capital is split into many units, held by different owners.

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