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join pronunciación
verb (joined , joining )
1 (often join one thing to another or join things up) to connect, attach, link or unite.
2 tr & intr to become a member of (a society, firm, etc).
3 tr & intr said of roads, rivers, etc: to meet.
4 to come together with someone or something; to enter the company of (a person or group of people) joined them for supper .
5 tr & intr (also join on to something) to add oneself to it join the queue .
6 to take part in something.
7 to do the same as someone, for the sake of companionship Who'll join me in a drink?
noun a place where two things join; a seam or joint.
[13c: from French joindre , from Latin jungere to yoke]
join in to take part.
join in something to participate in it.
join up to enlist as a member of an armed service.
join up with someone to come together with them for joint action, etc.

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