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jam pronunciación 1
noun a thick sticky food made from fruit boiled with sugar, used as a spread on bread, etc.
jam tomorrow colloq something agreeable which is constantly promised but which never arrives
[1871, from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass -The rule is jam tomorrow and jam yesterday ? but never jam to-day-].
money for jam colloq money easily made.
want jam on it colloq to expect more than is reasonable.

jam pronunciación 2
verb (jammed , jamming )
1 often in passive to stick or wedge something so as to make it immovable.
2 tr & intr said of machinery, etc: to stick or make stick and stop working.
3 to push or shove something; to cram, press or pack.
4 (also jam something up) to fill (eg a street) so full that movement comes to a stop.
5 to cause interference to (a radio signal, etc), especially deliberately.
6 intr , colloq to play in a jam session.
[18c: probably an imitation of the actions or its sound]

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