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issue pronunciación
1 the giving out, publishing or making available of something, eg stamps, a magazine, etc.
2 something given out, published or made available, eg stamps, a magazine, book, etc.
3 one item in a regular series the December issue of the magazine .
4 a subject for discussion or argument.
5 a result or consequence.
6 formal children; offspring.
7 an act of going or flowing out.
8 a way out, outlet or outflow, eg where a stream begins.
verb (issued , issuing )
1 to give or send out, distribute, publish or make available, especially officially or formally.
2 (usu issue someone with something) to supply them with the required item, eg an official document.
3 intr (often issue forth or out) to flow or come out, especially in large quantities.
4 (usu issue in something) to end or result in it.
5 intr (often issue from someone or something) to come or descend from them or it; to be produced or caused by them or it.
[13c: French, from Latin exitus exit]
at issue
1 in dispute or disagreement.
2 under discussion.
force the issue to act so as to force a decision to be taken.
join or take issue with someone to disagree with them.
make an issue of something to make it the explicit subject of an argument or disagreement.

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