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iron pronunciación
1 (symbol Fe, atomic number 26) a strong hard silvery-white metallic element that is naturally magnetic. See also ferric, ferrous.
2 a tool, weapon or other implement made of iron.
3 a triangular, flat-bottomed, now usually electrical, household tool used for smoothing out creases and pressing clothes.
4 golf any of various clubs with an angled iron head, used for shorter distance shots than woods (see wood, noun 5).
5 a brand (sense 4).
6 great physical or mental strength.
7 (irons) chains; fetters.
8 (irons) supports for a weak or lame leg or legs.
1 made of iron.
2 like iron, especially in being very strong, inflexible, unyielding, etc iron determination the iron man of British rugby .
verb (ironed , ironing )
1 to smooth the creases out of or press (eg clothes) with an iron.
2 intr said of clothing or fabric: to react or respond in the way specified to being ironed shiny material which irons badly .
[Anglo-Saxon isen ]
have several or too many irons in the fire to have several or too many commitments at the same time.
strike while the iron is hot to act while the situation is favourable.
iron something out
1 to remove or put right (difficulties, problems, etc) so that progress becomes easier.
2 to remove creases in it by ironing.

Iron Age
noun the period in history following the Bronze Age and beginning about 1200 bc, when weapons and tools were made of iron.

Iron Curtain
noun from 1945 to 1989, a notional barrier between countries in W Europe and the communist countries of E Europe, which hindered trade and communications.
[First used by Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels in 1945, it became widely known after Winston Churchill used it in a speech in 1946]

iron hand
noun strict despotic control. See also velvet glove.

iron lung
noun a type of respirator consisting of an airtight metal chamber which covers the body up to the neck and which, by means of rhythmically varying air pressure, helps the person in it to breathe.

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