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interfere pronunciación
verb (interfered , interfering ) intr
1 (often interfere with or in something)
a said of a person: to involve oneself in or meddle with something not considered their business Her mother is always interfering in the children's upbringing ;
b said of a thing: to hinder or adversely affect something else The weather is interfering with picture reception .
2 (interfere with someone) euphem to assault or molest them sexually.
3 physics said of sound waves, rays of light, etc: to combine together to cause disturbance or interference.
4 said of a horse: to strike a foot against the opposite leg in walking.
[16c: from French s'entreferir to strike each other]
interfering adjective .

interference pronunciación
1 the act or process of interfering.
2 physics the interaction between two or more waves of the same frequency, which will combine to give a larger wave if their peaks arrive at the same point together, but will cancel each other out if a peak of one wave coincides with a trough of the other.
3 telecomm the distortion of transmitted radio or television signals by an external power source, eg machinery near to the receiver.

noun , physics an instrument which, by splitting a beam of light into two or more parts which are then recombined to form an interference pattern, is used to measure wavelengths, to test optical surfaces and to measure accurately small angles and distances.

noun , biochem any of various proteins, secreted by animal cells that have been infected with a virus, which are capable of preventing the multiplication of that virus in non-infected cells.
[1950s: from interfere]

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