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inside pronunciación
1 the inner side, surface or part of something.
2 the side of a road nearest to the buildings, pavement, etc tried to overtake on the inside .
3 the part of a pavement or path away from the road Children should walk on the inside .
4 sport
a athletics the inside track;
b the equivalent part of any racetrack.
5 (insides) colloq the inner organs, especially the stomach and bowels.
6 colloq a position which gains one the confidence of and otherwise secret information from people in authority Those on the inside knew that he planned to resign .
a being on, near, towards or from the inside the inside walls of the house ;
b indoor without an inside toilet .
2 colloq coming from, concerned with, provided by or planned by a person or people within a specific organization or circle The robbery was an inside job inside knowledge .
1 to, in or on the inside or interior He smashed the window and climbed inside .
2 indoors Come inside for tea .
3 colloq in or into prison spent three years inside .
1 to or on the interior or inner side of something; within.
2 in less than (a specified time) be back inside an hour .

inside out
1 (also colloq outside in) with the inside surface turned out wearing his shirt inside out .
2 colloq thoroughly; completely I know this story inside out .

inside track
1 athletics the lane on the inside of a race track (ie nearest the centre), slightly shorter than the other lanes because of the curve.
2 esp US a position of strength, power or advantage.

noun a recognized or accepted member of an organization or group who has access to confidential or exclusive information about it.

insider dealing or insider trading
noun , finance the illegal buying and selling of shares by people, eg those who work on the stock exchange, based on their having access to information which has not been made public.

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