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insect pronunciación
1 zool an invertebrate animal, such as the fly, beetle, ant and bee, belonging to the class Insecta, typically having a segmented body and two pairs of wings.
2 loosely any other small invertebrate, eg a spider.
3 derog an insignificant or worthless person.
[Early 17c: from Latin insectum , meaning -cut- or -notched- (animal), from secare to cut]

insecticide pronunciación
noun any substance that is used to kill insects.
insecticidal adjective .

1 a living organism that feeds mainly or exclusively on insects, eg the anteater.
2 zool an animal belonging to an order of small placental mammals (eg the mole and hedgehog) that feed mainly on insects.
3 a plant such as the Venus flytrap, sundew, etc, that supplements its supply of nitrogen by trapping and digesting insects.
[19c: French, from Latin insectivorus insect-eating]
insectivorous adjective .

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