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influence pronunciación
1 (esp influence on or over someone or something) the power that one person or thing has to affect another.
2 a person or thing that has such a power be a good influence on him .
3 power resulting from political or social position, wealth, ability, standards of behaviour, etc a man of some influence Couldn't you use your influence to get me a ticket?
verb (influenced , influencing )
1 to have an effect, especially an indirect or unnoticed one, on (a person or their work, or events, etc) Rock and roll influenced his music greatly .
2 to exert influence on someone or something; to persuade Her encouraging letter influenced me to stay .
[14c in an astrological sense, referring to a substance thought to flow out from the stars and exert power over human destinies, etc: French, from Latin influere to flow into]
under the influence colloq affected by alcohol; drunk.

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