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infer pronunciación
verb (inferred , inferring )
1 tr & intr to conclude or judge from facts, observation and deduction.
2 colloq to imply or suggest.
[16c: from Latin inferre to bring in]
inferable or inferrable adjective .

infer The meaning given in sense 2 is common, but is still subject to disapproval. Recommendation: avoid it if you are talking or writing to someone who is likely to be precise about the use of language. Use imply or suggest.

inference pronunciación
1 an act of inferring, especially of reaching a conclusion from facts, observation and careful thought.
2 something which is inferred, especially a conclusion.

adjective relating to or based on inference.
inferentially adverb .

adjective (often inferior to something or someone)
1 poor or poorer in quality.
2 low or lower in value, rank or status.
3 low or lower in position.
4 said of letters or figures: printed or written slightly below the line.
5 said of a planet: revolving within the Earth's orbit; nearer the Sun than the Earth is.
noun someone or something which is inferior.
[15c: Latin, meaning -lower-]
inferiority noun the state of being inferior.

inferior Remember that inferior does not behave like better , worse and the other comparative adjectives. It is followed by to rather than than.

inferiority complex
1 psychol a disorder that arises from the conflict between the desire to be noticed and the fear of being shown to be inadequate, characterized by aggressive behaviour or withdrawal.
2 loosely a general feeling of inadequacy or worthlessness.

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