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infect pronunciación
verb (infected , infecting ) (often infect something or someone with something)
1 biol , med , etc to contaminate (a living organism) with a pathogen, such as a bacterium, virus or fungus, and thereby cause disease.
2 to taint or contaminate (especially water, food or air) with a bacterium, pollutant, etc.
3 to pass a feeling or opinion, especially an adverse or negative one, to someone.
4 comput to inflict or become inflicted with a virus (sense 5).
[14c: from Latin inficere , infectum to spoil or impregnate]

infection pronunciación
1 the process of infecting or state of being infected.
2 biol , med , etc the invasion of a human, animal or plant by disease-causing micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa, which then multiply rapidly and usually cause symptoms of disease.
3 an infectious disease, caused by such a micro-organism.
4 the passing on of feelings, opinions, etc, especially negative ones.

infectious pronunciación
1 said of a disease: caused by bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms, and therefore capable of being transmitted through air, water, etc.
2 said eg of a person: capable of infecting others; causing infection The children are no longer infectious, even though their spots are not healed .
3 said of an emotion, opinion, etc: likely to be passed on to others Laughter is very infectious .
infectiously adverb .
infectiousness noun .

infectious, contagious There is often confusion between infectious and contagious: an infectious disease is spread through the air, while a contagious disease is spread by touch, although when used figuratively, of laughter for example, they mean the same thing.

infectious mononucleosis
noun , pathol an infectious disease, mainly affecting adolescents, caused by the Epstein- Barr virus, with symptoms including swollen lymph nodes, fever, a sore throat and headache, often followed by fatigue and depression. Also called glandular fever.

1 infectious (sense 1).
2 rare or old use infectious (in other senses).
[Late 14c]
infectively adverb .
infectiveness noun .

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