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Lengua inglesa
IN pronunciación
abbreviation , US state Indiana. Also written Ind.

In pronunciación
symbol , chem indium.

in pronunciación
1 used to express the position of someone or something with regard to what encloses, surrounds or includes them or it; within Stay in bed They are in the park She's in the sixth form .
2 into get in the car I put it in my bag .
3 after (a period of time) Come back in an hour .
4 during; while lost in transit In running for the bus, she tripped .
5 used to express arrangement or shape in a square in alphabetical order .
6 from; out of something two in every eight .
7 by the medium or means of, or using, something sung in Italian written in code .
8 wearing something the lady in red a man in a fur hat .
9 used to describe a state or manner in a hurry in a daze .
10 used to state an occupation She's in banking .
11 used to state a purpose a party in his honour built in memory of his wife .
12 said of some animals: pregnant with (young) in calf .
1 to or towards the inside; indoors Do come in .
2 at home; on the premises Is John in?
3 so as to be added or included beat in the eggs .
4 so as to enclose or conceal, or be enclosed or concealed The fireplace was bricked in .
5 in or into political power or office.
6 in or into fashion.
7 in a good position; in favour trying to keep in with the boss .
8 in certain games: batting.
9 into a proper, required or efficient state run a new car in .
10 said of the tide: at its highest point; as close to the shore as it gets.
11 in compounds expressing prolonged activity, especially by large numbers of people gathered in one room or building, originally as a form of organized protest a sit-in a work-in a teach-in .
1 inside; internal; inwards Never go out of the in door . See also inner, inmost.
2 fashionable Orange was the in colour last summer the in thing to do .
3 in power or office when the Tories were in .
4 (esp in compounds ) used for receiving things coming in an in-tray .
5 (also in compounds ) shared by a group of people an in-joke .
be in for it or something colloq to be likely to experience some trouble or difficulty We'll be in for it when we get home He's in for a rough ride .
have it in for someone colloq to have a grudge against them.
have it in her, him, one, etc to have the courage or ability within oneself (to do something) I didn't think she had it in her to stand up to him like that .
in as far as or in so far as see under far.
in as much as?or inasmuch as?because?; considering that?
in itself intrinsically; essentially; considered on its own It's not much of a job in itself, but the prospects are good .
in on something colloq knowing about it and sharing in it Were you in on the secret?
ins and outs the complex and detailed facts of a matter; intricacies. Also called outs and ins.
insomuch that or insomuch as
1 in as much as.
2 to such an extent that.
in that?for the reason that?
in with someone colloq friendly with them or in favour with them.

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