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verb (imported , importing )
1 to bring (goods, etc) into a country from another country.
2 to bring something in from another, external source.
3 comput to load (a file, especially one of a different format) for processing in an application.
4 formal or old use to signify, imply or portend.
1 a commodity, article, etc that has been imported.
2 the act or business of importing goods.
3 formal importance a matter of great import .
4 formal or old use meaning.
as adjective import duty .
[15c: from Latin importare , from portare to carry away]
importable adjective .
importation noun
1 the act or process of importing.
2 something that is imported.
importer noun .

important pronunciación
1 having great value, influence, significance or effect an important day .
2 of great significance or value Your happiness is important to me .
3 said of a person: having high social rank or status; eminent an important woman in her field .
4 rather formal or literary pompous or pretentious . See also self-important.
[16c: French, from Latin importare to be of consequence]
importance noun .
importantly adverb .

adjective , formal
1 persistently or excessively demanding.
2 extremely urgent or pressing.
[15c: from Latin importunus inconvenient]
importunately adverb .

importune pronunciación
verb (importuned , importuning ) tr & intr , formal
1 to make persistent and usually annoying requests of someone.
2 to solicit for immoral purposes, eg prostitution.
[15c: from Latin importunus inconvenient]
importunely adverb .
importuner noun .
importunity noun (importunities ).

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