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adjective said of a surface craft or submarine: designed to hunt down and destroy enemy vessels, especially submarines.
noun a vessel designed to carry out such a task.

killer whale
noun a toothed whale, having a black body with white underparts and white patches on its head, and a narrow triangular dorsal fin. It feeds on marine mammals, fish and squid.

noun , colloq a man who is irresistibly attractive to women.

miller pronunciación see under mill

noun any drug or other agent that relieves pain; an analgesic.

noun (railleries )
1 good-humoured teasing.
2 an instance of this.
[17c: related to rail2]

serial killer
noun someone who commits a succession of murders, often choosing the same method of killing or the same type of victim.

noun a frightening story, thought, etc.
spine-chilling adjective .

stocking filler
noun a small, usually inexpensive, Christmas present.

1 an exciting novel, play or film, usually one involving crime, espionage or adventure.
2 an exciting situation or event The cup final was a real thriller .

noun the lever used to turn the rudder of a boat.
[14c: from French telier weaver's beam]

1 a sapling.
2 a shoot growing from the bottom of the original stalk.
3 a sucker ( noun 6).
[Anglo-Saxon telgor twig]

tiller3 see under till3

noun a substance, usually a chemical preparation, used to kill weeds.


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