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idea pronunciación
noun (ideas )
1 a thought, image, notion or concept formed by the mind.
2 a plan or intention.
3 a main aim, purpose or feature The idea of the game is to win as many cards as possible .
4 an opinion or belief He's got the idea that no one likes him .
5 someone's conception of what is a good example of something not my idea of fun .
6 philos in Plato: a universal model of which all existing examples are imperfect copies.
[16c, originally in sense 6: Latin and Greek, meaning -form- or -pattern-]
get ideas colloq to have ideas which are overambitious or undesirable He got ideas above his station You should have known she'd get ideas if you went out with her .
have no idea to be ignorant, unaware or devoid of inspiration.
put ideas into someone's head to give them overambitious or impractical ideas.
that's an idea colloq that plan is worth considering.
the very idea colloq the mere thought shuddered at the very idea of it .
the very idea! or what an idea! colloq that's absurd! that's outrageous!
what's the big idea? ironic slang what do you think you're doing?

ideal pronunciación
1 perfect; highest and best possible or conceivable.
2 existing only in the mind; imaginary; visionary.
3 theoretical; conforming absolutely to theory.
1 the highest standard of behaviour, perfection, beauty, etc.
2 someone or something that is considered to be perfect.
3 something that exists only in the imagination.
[17c: from French idéal , from Latin idealis , from idea idea]
ideally adverb
1 in an ideal way.
2 in ideal circumstances.

ideal gas
noun , physics a hypothetical gas with molecules which are of negligible size and do not exert intermolecular forces. Also called perfect gas.

idealism pronunciación
1 a tendency to show or present things in an ideal or idealized form rather than as they really are.
2 the practice of forming, and living according to, ideals.
3 impracticality.
4 philos the theory that material objects and the external world do not really exist but are products of the mind. Compare realism.
idealist noun
1 someone who lives or tries to live according to ideals.
2 an impractical person.
3 philos a believer in idealism.
idealistic adjective .
idealistically adverb .

idealize pronunciación or idealise
verb (idealized , idealizing )
1 to regard or treat someone or something as perfect or ideal.
2 intr to form ideas, concepts or an ideal.
idealization noun .
idealizer noun .

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