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hunt pronunciación
verb (hunted , hunting )
1 tr & intr to chase and kill (animals) for food or sport.
2 intr (often hunt after or for something or someone) to search for it or them hunt for a new house .
3 intr , Brit to hunt animals, especially foxes, using hounds, and on horseback.
4 to seek out and pursue game over (a certain area).
5 to hound or drive with force.
6 intr , mech to oscillate around a middle point, or to vary in speed.
1 the act of hunting.
2 a group of people meeting together on horses to hunt animals, especially foxes.
3 the area where such a group of people hunts.
4 a pack of hunting hounds.
5 a search.
[Anglo-Saxon huntian ]
good hunting! colloq good luck!
hunt someone or something down
1 to pursue and capture them or it.
2 to persecute them or it out of existence.
hunt someone or something out or up to search or seek something out.
hunt up or down bell-ringing to ring (a bell) progressively earlier or later respectively in a sequence. See also hunting2.

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