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hundred pronunciación
noun (hundreds or, after a number, hundred )
a the number 100;
b the quantity that this represents, which is ten times ten.
2 any symbol for this, eg 100 or C.
3 a set of 100 people or things one hundred pounds .
4 a score of a 100 points.
5 (hundreds) colloq a large but indefinite number hundreds of people .
6 (hundreds) in compounds the 100 years of a specified century the thirteen-hundreds .
7 hist a division of an English county originally meant to contain a hundred families.
1 totalling or to the number of 100.
2 colloq very many I've told you a hundred times to stop .
[Anglo-Saxon, from hund a hundred + suffix -red a reckoning]
great or long hundred 120.
not a hundred miles from something colloq very near it.
not a hundred per cent not in perfect health.
one, two, etc hundred hours one, two, etc o'clock
[From the style of writing hours and minutes as 0100, 0200, ? 1400, 1500, etc].

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