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hour pronunciación
1 60 minutes, or the twenty-fourth part of a day.
2 the time indicated by a clock or watch.
3 an occasion or a point in time an early hour .
4 a special occasion or point in time his finest hour .
5 (hours) the time allowed or fixed for a specified activity office hours .
6 the distance travelled in an hour two hours away from the airport .
7 a time for action The hour has come .
8 (hours)
a canonical hours;
b book of hours.
[13c: from Greek hora ]
after hours after closing-time.
at all hours at irregular times, especially late at night.
at the eleventh hour at the last or latest moment.
keep good hours to lead a calm and regular life; to go to bed and rise early.
on the hour at exactly one, two, etc o'clock The train departs on the hour .
out of hours before or after usual working hours.

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