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adjective (hotter , hottest )
1 having or producing a great deal of heat; having a high temperature.
2 having a higher temperature than is normal or desirable.
3 said of food: spicy or fiery.
4 easily made angry; excitable or passionate a hot temper .
5 slang sexually attractive or excited.
6 said of a contest or fight: intense and animated.
7 said of news: recent, fresh and of particular interest.
8 strongly favoured a hot favourite .
9 said of jazz music: having strong and exciting rhythms, with complex improvisations.
10 said of a colour: bright and fiery.
11 slang said of goods: recently stolen or illegally acquired.
12 said of a scent in hunting: fresh and strong.
13 slang said of information: up-to-date and reliable a hot tip .
14 colloq said of a situation: difficult, unpleasant, or dangerous make life hot for him .
15 slang highly radioactive.
16 in certain games, etc: very close to guessing the answer or finding the person or thing sought.
adverb in a hot way; hotly a dish served hot .
verb (hotted , hotting ) colloq to heat something.
[Anglo-Saxon hat ]
hotly adverb
1 with great heat.
2 excitedly or passionately.
hotness noun .
have or get the hots for someone slang to have a strong sexual desire for them.
hot and bothered colloq anxious and confused; agitated.
hot on something interested in, skilled at or well-informed about it.
hot on the heels of someone colloq following or pursuing them closely.
hot under the collar colloq indignant or annoyed; uncomfortable.
in hot pursuit chasing as fast or as closely as one can.
hot up or hot something up to increase in excitement, energy, danger, etc.

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