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horse pronunciación
1 a large hoofed mammal, with a slender head, a long neck, a mane and long legs.
2 an adult male of this species. See also mare1, foal.
3 cavalry.
4 gymnastics a piece of apparatus used for vaulting over, etc.
5 in compounds any of various types of supporting apparatus clothes horse sawhorse .
6 mining a barren area of land interrupting a lode.
7 slang heroin.
verb (horsed , horsing )
1 to mount or put someone on, or as if on, a horse.
2 to provide with a horse.
3 intr to climb or travel on horseback.
[Anglo-Saxon in the form hors ]
flog a dead horse see under flog.
gift horse see under gift.
high horse see under high.
hold your horses wait a moment; not so fast or hasty.
horse of a different colour a person or matter of a different kind Most of her friends are quiet, but he's a horse of a different colour .
horses for courses a phrase literally indicating that a racehorse will perform best on a racecourse particularly suited to it, but applied figuratively to people.
put the cart before the horse see under cart.
straight from the horse's mouth directly from a well-informed and reliable source.
willing horse a willing and obliging worker.
horse about or around colloq to fool about.

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