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hope pronunciación
1 a desire for something, with some confidence or expectation of success.
2 a person, thing or event that gives one good reason for hope.
3 a reason for justifying the belief that the thing desired will still occur.
4 something desired or hoped for His hope is that he will pass his exams .
verb (hoped , hoping )
1 (also hope for something) to wish or desire that something may happen, especially with some reason to believe or expect that it will.
2 intr to have confidence.
[Anglo-Saxon hopa ]
hope against hope to continue hoping when all reason for it has gone; to hope in vain.
some hope! or what a hope! or not a hope! colloq there's no chance at all that what has been said will happen.

También tienes: ope
hope chest
noun , N Am a place, often a trunk or chest, for a woman to store things for her marriage; a bottom drawer.
[Early 20c]

1 feeling, or full of, hope.
2 having qualities that excite hope.
3 likely to succeed; promising.
noun a person, especially a young one, who is ambitious or expected to succeed.
hopefulness noun .

1 in a hopeful way.
2 colloq it is to be hoped, if all goes according to plan.

hopefully In sense 2, hopefully is called a -sentence adverb-, because it qualifies the whole sentence and not just one word or phrase in it: Hopefully, it was all over now and he'd be able to take a spot of leave. There are many sentence adverbs, eg clearly, honestly, really, thankfully, undoubtedly, usually , etc, as you will see in these examples: Clearly, fact and fiction became intermingled. I've honestly no idea. Well, it isn't a lot, really. Thankfully, at weekends Clare felt almost normal again. Most of these uses pass unnoticed, but for some reason many people dislike this use of hopefully. It may have something to do with its meaning (with its suggestion of likely disappointment) and the fact that it is originally North American. It is not usually ambiguous, except in rare cases like the following (where intonation usually clarifies): They were hopefully attempting a reconciliation. Recommendation: avoid it if you are talking to someone who is likely to be precise about the use of language.

1 without hope.
2 having no reason or cause to expect a good outcome or success.
3 colloq having no ability; incompetent He is hopeless at maths .
4 said of a disease, etc: incurable.
5 said of a problem: unresolvable.
hopelessly adverb .
hopelessness noun .

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