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hop pronunciación 1
verb (hopped , hopping )
1 intr said of a person: to jump up and down on one leg, especially forwards as a form of movement.
2 intr said of certain small birds, animals and insects: to move by jumping on both or all legs simultaneously.
3 intr to walk lame; limp.
4 to jump over something.
5 intr (usu hop in, out, etc ) colloq to move in a lively or agile way in the specified direction.
6 intr (usu hop over) colloq to make a short journey, especially by air.
1 an act of hopping; a jump on one leg.
2 colloq a distance travelled in an aeroplane without stopping; a short journey by air.
3 old use, colloq an informal dance.
[Anglo-Saxon hoppian to dance]
catch someone on the hop colloq to catch them unawares or by surprise.
hop it Brit slang to take oneself off; to leave.
hopping mad colloq very angry.
hop, skip (or step) and jump
1 the former name for the triple jump.
2 colloq a short distance.
keep someone on the hop to keep someone busy, active or alert.
on the hop in a state of restless activity.

También tienes: OP, op
hop pronunciación 2
1 a tall perennial climbing plant or vine of the mulberry family, grown for its green cone-shaped female flowers, which are used to give a bitter flavour to beer.
2 (usu hops)
a the female flower of this plant, used in brewing and in medicine;
b US slang any narcotic drug, especially opium.
verb (hopped , hopping )
1 intr to pick or gather hops.
2 to flavour (beer) with hops.
[15c in the form hoppe , from Dutch]
hopper noun a person or machine that picks or gathers hops.
hoppy adjective smelling or tasting of hops.

También tienes: OP, op
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