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hook pronunciación
1 a curved piece of metal or similar material, used for catching or holding things.
2 a snare, trap, attraction, etc.
3 a curved tool used for cutting grain, branches, etc.
4 a sharp bend or curve, eg in land or a river.
5 boxing a swinging punch with the elbow bent.
6 sport a method of striking the ball causing it to curve in the air.
7 cricket , golf a shot that causes the ball to curve in the direction of the swing.
8 pop music a catchy or easily memorized phrase.
verb (hooked , hooking )
1 tr & intr (often hook up or hook something up) to fasten or be fastened to something else by means of a hook or hooks.
2 to catch, fasten or hold with or as if with a hook.
3 to form into or with a hook.
4 to ensnare, trap, attract, etc.
5 a golf , cricket to hit (the ball) out round the other side of one's body, to the left if the player is right-handed, and vice versa;
b said of the ball: to curve in this direction.
6 in a rugby scrum: to catch (the ball) with the foot and kick it backwards.
7 tr & intr to bend or curve.
8 tr & intr to pull abruptly.
[Anglo-Saxon hoc ]
by hook or by crook by some means or other.
hook and eye a device used to fasten clothes by means of a hook that catches in a loop or eye.
hook, line and sinker colloq completely.
off the hook
1 colloq out of trouble or difficulty; excused of the blame for something.
2 said of a telephone receiver: not on its rest, and so not able to receive incoming calls.
hook up or hook something up to link or be linked to an electronic device.

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