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home pronunciación
1 the place where one lives, often with one's family.
2 the country or area where one was born or grew up.
3 a place where something first occurred, or was first invented.
4 an institution for people who need care or rest, eg the elderly, orphans, etc.
5 a match played by a team on their own ground.
6 the den, base or finishing point in some games and races.
1 being at or belonging to one's home, country, family, sports ground, etc.
2 made or done at home or in one's own country home baking .
1 to or at one's home.
2 to the target place, position, etc hit the point home .
3 to the furthest or final point; as far as possible hammer the nail home .
4 said of a sporting event: on one's own ground, etc.
verb (homed , homing ) intr
1 to go or find the way home.
2 said of an animal, especially a bird: to return home safely.
3 (often home in on something) to identify (a target or destination) and focus on attempting to reach it.
[Anglo-Saxon ham ]
at home
1 in one's home, country, sports ground, etc.
2 feeling at ease or familiar with a place or situation.
3 prepared to receive a visitor or visitors.
bring something home to someone to make it clear or obvious to them.
eat someone out of house and home colloq to eat vast amounts of food at their expense.
go or strike home
1 said of a remark, etc: to make an effective impression on the mind of the person addressed.
2 said of a blow: to hit its target.
home and dry having arrived home or achieved one's goal.
home from home a place where one feels completely comfortable, relaxed, and happy, as if at home.
make oneself at home to be relaxed and unrestrained as if in one's own home.
not at home not at one's house, or not willing to receive visitors.
nothing to write home about colloq unremarkable.

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