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hold pronunciación 1
verb (held , holding )
1 to have or keep something in one's hand or hands; to grasp.
2 to have something in one's possession.
3 to think or believe.
4 to retain or reserve They can hold reserved seats for a week .
5 tr & intr to keep or stay in a specified state or position hold firm .
6 intr to remain perfectly in position, especially when under pressure The bridge can't hold any longer .
7 to detain or restrain They held him at the airport for two hours .
8 to contain or be able to contain This bottle holds three pints .
9 to conduct or carry on hold a conversation hold a meeting .
10 to have (a position of responsibility, a job, etc) held office for two years held a good job .
11 to have or possess holds the world record .
12 to keep or sustain (a person's attention).
13 to affirm or allege He holds that he is right .
14 to maintain one's composure and awareness, and not suffer any bad effects, even after large amounts of (alcohol) She can hold her drink .
15 intr said of good weather: to continue.
16 to consider to be; to think or believe.
17 intr to continue to be valid or apply That attitude doesn't hold any more The law still holds .
18 to defend from the enemy.
19 to cease or stop hold fire .
20 music to continue (a note or pause).
21 intr said of a telephone caller: to wait without hanging up.
22 said of the future: to have in store or readiness Who knows what the future holds?
1 the act of holding; a grasp.
2 a power or influence They have a hold over him .
3 a way of holding someone, especially in certain sports, eg judo.
4 a place of confinement; a prison cell.
5 an object to hold on to.
[Anglo-Saxon healdan ]
get hold of someone colloq to manage to find and speak to them.
get hold of something to find, obtain or buy it.
hold good or hold true to remain true or valid; to apply.
hold one's own see under own.
hold one's peace or tongue to remain silent.
keep hold of someone or something to continue to hold on to them or it.
no holds barred not observing any fair rules; having no restrictions.
on hold in a state of suspension; temporarily postponed She put the trip on hold .
hold back to hesitate; to restrain oneself.
hold someone back to restrain them from doing something.
hold something back to keep it in reserve.
hold something down to manage to keep it hold down a job.
hold something in to restrain or check it.
hold off or hold off doing something to delay or not begin to do it; to refrain from doing it I hope the rain holds off hold off making a start.
hold someone off to keep an attacker at a distance.
hold on colloq to wait, especially during a telephone conversation.
hold on! an exclamation requesting the other person to wait.
hold on to something to keep or maintain it in one's possession.
hold out
1 to stand firm, especially resisting difficulties held out against the enemy .
2 to endure or last.
hold something out to offer it, especially as a promise or inducement held out the prospect of a pay rise.
hold out for something to wait persistently for something one wants or has demanded.
hold out on someone colloq to keep back money, information, etc from them.
hold something over to postpone or delay it.
hold someone up
1 to delay or hinder them.
2 to stop and rob them.
hold something up to delay or hinder it. See also hold-up.
hold someone or something up as something to exhibit them or it as an example of some quality, attribute, etc held them up as models of integrity.
hold with something with negatives and in questions to endorse or approve of it.

También tienes: old
hold pronunciación 2
noun the interior cavity for storing cargo in ships and aeroplanes.
[16c: variant of hole]

También tienes: old
1 a delay or setback.
2 an attack with a view to robbery.
3 ( usu hold-ups) a woman's stocking supported by an elasticated top rather than suspenders.
[Early 19c]

noun a large strong bag for carrying miscellaneous articles, especially clothes when travelling.

holder pronunciación
1 someone or something that holds or grips.
2 law someone who has ownership or control of something, eg a shareholder.

También tienes: older
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