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historian pronunciación
noun a person who studies, is expert in, or writes about history.

adjective famous, important or significant in history.
[17c: from Greek historikos ]

historical pronunciación
1 relevant to or about history.
2 relevant to or about people or events in history.
3 said of the study of a subject: based on its development over a period of time.
4 referring to something that actually existed or took place; authentic.
[14c: from Latin historicus ]
historically adverb .

historic, historical || These words do not mean quite the same. Historic refers to fame or importance in history: Today will be remembered as a historic day in boxing. the conversion of historic barns into houses Historical is a less judgemental word that refers to something as a fact or to its connection with history: The historical fact is that the settlement of 1688?1701 failed to settle everything. Some people think of Sherlock Holmes as being an historical figure. || Note that you can use either a or an before both words; a is now more usual.

historical novel
noun a novel with a period in history as its setting, which includes historical events and characters.

1 the idea that historical events are determined by natural laws.
2 the theory that sociological circumstances are historically determined.
3 a strong or excessive involvement with and respect for the institutions of the past.
[19c: historic + -ism]
historicist noun , adjective .

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