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high pronunciación
1 elevated; tall; towering high buildings .
2 being a specific height a hundred feet high .
3 far up from a base point, such as the ground or sea level a high branch a high mountain .
4 intense or advanced; more forceful than normal a high wind .
5 at the peak or climax high summer high season .
6 (also High) said of a period or era: at the height of its development High Renaissance .
7 significant; exalted or revered high art .
8 said of sound: acute in pitch.
9 fully developed in terms of emotions and content high drama .
10 said of meat: partially decomposed or tainted.
11 elated or euphoric; overexcited.
12 colloq under the influence of drugs or alcohol was high on E .
13 taller or bigger than average a high-necked sweater .
adverb at or to a height; in or into an elevated position The plane flew high .
1 a high point or level.
2 the maximum or highest level.
3 colloq a state of ecstasy and euphoria, often produced by drugs or alcohol an amphetamine high .
4 meteorol an anticyclone.
[Anglo-Saxon heah ]
a high old time a period of exuberance and enthusiasm.
high and dry
1 stranded or helpless; defenceless.
2 said of boats: out of the water.
high and low
1 up and down; everywhere.
2 said of people: rich and poor alike.
high and mighty arrogant; pompous.
high as a kite colloq
1 over-excited or ecstatic.
2 under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
hit the high spots to continue to excess; to reach a high level.
on high above or aloft; in heaven.
on one's high horse colloq
1 having an attitude of arrogance and imagined superiority.
2 having a condescending or disdainful manner.

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