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here pronunciación
1 at, in or to this place.
2 in the present life or state; at this point, stage or time.
3 used with this , these , etc for emphasis:
a after a noun this chair here ;
b colloq, dialect between a noun and this , that , etc this here chair .
noun this place or location.
1 calling for attention.
2 calling attention to one's own presence, or to something one is about to say.
[Anglo-Saxon her ]
here and now the present moment; straight away.
here and there in various places; irregularly or thinly.
here goes! an exclamation indicating that the speaker is about to proceed with something, often with apprehension.
here's to someone or something used when proposing a toast to them or it Here's to the President Here's to victory .
here today, gone tomorrow a comment on the ephemeral or transient nature of something.
here we are colloq
1 this is what we are looking for.
2 now we have arrived.
here we go again colloq a phrase said on the recurrence of something undesirable.
here you are colloq
1 this is what you are after.
2 this is something for you.
3 do it this way.
neither here nor there of no particular importance or relevance.
the here and now the present time.

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