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help pronunciación
verb (helped , helping )
1 to contribute towards the success of something; to assist or aid.
2 to give the means to do something.
3 to relieve a difficult situation or burden; to improve or lighten (a predicament).
4 to provide or supply with a portion; to serve help him to potatoes help yourself to more pudding .
5 (help oneself to something) to take it without authority or permission.
6 to remedy; to mitigate or alleviate.
7 to refrain from something I couldn't help laughing .
8 to prevent or control I can't help the bad weather .
9 intr to give assistance.
10 intr to contribute.
1 an act of helping.
2 means or strength given to another for a particular purpose.
3 someone who is employed to help, especially a domestic help.
4 a remedy or relief.
adjective giving help, aid or support.
[Anglo-Saxon helpan ]
helpable adjective .
helper noun someone who helps; an assistant.
more than one can help more than is necessary.
so help me or so help me God a form of solemn oath; on my word.
help out or help someone out to offer help, usually for a short time, and especially by sharing a burden or the cost of something.

help When help is followed by another verb, the -to- is often omitted, because -help- is a semi-modal verb like -may- and -dare-: Will you help me look for my glasses? Your book helped me put my life back together .

helpful pronunciación
adjective giving help or aid; being useful.
helpfully adverb .
helpfulness noun .

noun a single portion of food served at a meal.

helping hand
noun help or assistance He gave a helping hand .

helpless pronunciación
1 unable or unfit to do anything for oneself.
2 weak and defenceless; needing assistance.
helplessly adverb .
helplessness noun .

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